Continuous personal development is a key factor in establishing a strong foundation for our future leaders of tomorrow.

Our leadership curriculum focuses on developing students skills related to team building, learning effective communication techniques, and learning through experience and evaluation by utilizing individual’s strengths, understanding the importance of risk taking and getting involved in our communities in a positive way!


Financial literacy and sound money management skills are essential to personal & professional success. Today more than ever, our future leaders need to establish a strong foundation for making intelligent, lifelong, personal and professional financial decisions.

To improve the financial literacy of our future business leaders and employees, students learn the basic fundamentals of financial literacy, money management, and building multiple passive income streams.


In today’s changing global economy and the emergence of social media platforms bringing to light the possibility of living a life of passion, while pursuing your dreams, and accomplishing your goals, tomorrow’s leaders are stepping towards the path of entrepreneurship in order to have the freedom of time, energy, and money all on your side like never before.

Our young entrepreneur programs dives deep into how start a business, business management, modern marketing strategies, finance, and more.

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GG_Image_MotivationalSpeechGet In Gear Now! motivational speeches is the voice of the next generation. Our high-energy life-transformational experiences are brought to you by an all-star team of social entrepreneurs whose sole passion is to:


Inspire, empower, and motivate millions of individuals to follow their passions, dreams, and goals in life. No matter what obstacles, levels of fear, and reasons of doubt that will present themselves along their journey.”


While we can customize our talks to all sorts of subjects, we like to focus on a few specific themes. If you have any questions about our speaking or would like to hear us speak on an alternative subject, feel free to contact us.
GG_Image_CarlosThe Get In Gear Now! Experience workshops have been created and designed to introduce and engage students in three key areas that will set their sail in the right direction towards living the life they’ve imagined. A life of passion while pursuing their dreams, and accomplishing their goals.
  • Leadership Development
  • Financial Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship
Each experiential workshop is geared towards students learning core leadership skills, a basic understanding of the importance of financial literacy, and how to develop an entrepreneur mindset that will be beneficial either in the corporate world and/or taking the path of entrepreneurship.
GG_Image_12WeekOur 12-Week Mastermind Academy is where the magic happens. This twelve week experiential program dives deep into core principles of leadership, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. Here, students work collaboratively in developing a business plan around a concept of their own creation, as they learn how to:
  • Develop & Execute their Plan
  • Market Research
  • Effective Marketing Techniques
  • Business Finance


Lynn Stewart | Mother of Tayshawn Wright

Where can I start? The motivation, inspiration, and certainly the information that was given to my son, Tayshawn Wright has allowed him to tap into his inner-self. He has started believing in his self in ways that were once unimaginable before experiencing the Get In Gear Now! Experience workshops.

I have seen a signifiant change in Tayshawn’s confidence and even the way he views his self when facing obstacles. The men of The Mastermind Collective has given me the encouragement to support my son’s goals and dreams. I am forever grateful and honored to have both my children be apart of what is a vital key to my children’s future success.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.28.04 PM copyEsperanza Gamboa | Student

Being apart of the Get In Gear Now! Experience set me off on a better path with my life. I am forever grateful to have worked with such an exceptional group of people. The motivation I received from you guys has stayed with me ever sing. Mikal and Sam are what set all this off for me and I thank you guys for having created such an amazing environment that I am blessed to have been apart of.”

GG_Image_Jenn (1)Jenn Rizk CEO/Psychotherapist

If you are looking for someone to begin constructing a REALITY out of a VISION, then I recommend going to one of the best in the nation, The Mastermind Collective’s Get In Gear Now! Experience. This company provided guidance with establishing how to launch the fundamental structure of my women’s social support organization named, D.E.S.I.R.E.

The team listened attentively & collected the appropriate information in order to provide beneficial resources and created a strategy and marketing plan that accommodated the specific needs of my company and goals. I will continue to utilize The Mastermind Collective’s services with the expansion of my company, and look forward to a continued and successful business relationship with The Mastermind Collective. I appreciate the dedicated and reliable time and effort!

GG_Image_StephanieStephanie Arce | Student

I just want to say I really enjoyed being apart of the Mt. San Antonio CollegeBusiness Club with Mikal Pradia & Sam Mason. It is great to see how Sam and Mikal are so passionate and giving of their wisdom to our board members and students. Every time I heard their speeches it always got to me. Even though I didn’t look excited when I first joined the club, in my head I was ecstatic! I was always thinking, “Mikal & Sam are soooo cool and awesome!!!”

I would always talk about the business club to my friends and family and the amazing things we did. By the time the end of the semester rolled around my shyness with being around new people disappeared, as Mikal & Sam instilled in me the belief that we can do anything when we put our minds to it, and when we put all our effort into it. Thank you Sam  & Mikal for making my experience in the Mt. SAC Business Club unforgettable.



Jonel Tomines | Entrepreneur

Man thanks so much for your kindness and support! I really appreciate it. I promise you, once I achieve the success and wealth that I desire, I’ll never forget about you. You inspired me from the first time I heard you speak at Mt. SAC. Never would of thought that I’ll be chatting and asking help from you personally. Its really humbling. Hope to build a stronger closer relationship with you!

GG_Image_Julie (1)

Julianna Ramirez | Entrepreneur


 “You really made an impact in my life and way of thinking.”

GG_Image_MikalLMikal Laster | Entrepreneur

Coincidentally, my first name is spelled the same as Mikal Pradia’s, and to be honest that is a major part of the reason why I had decided to network with him. When I had first spoken to him, I never anticipated I could learn so much from him, nor did I think he would help me out like he did. Mikal Pradia has helped me and my company in a lot of ways.

When I first officially launched Dubkidz, he gave me an interview on his website which gave me an audience boost, and more credibility. He also gave me lots of great guidance and business tips like how to appear more professional, and be more forward thinking in the business world. I can confidentially say that he is a really exceptional person to work with, and one of the most intelligent and professional people I have met throughout my career.”


Derrick Wombacher | U.S Marine


The Get In Gear Now! Experience has continued to motivate me with the information they share . . . thank you.”


Senator John Kerry | Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Bfo8tzvCMAAoocEWe need to equip today’s aspiring entrepreneurs with every tool possible to succeed. That means making sure they receive a strong financial education that prepares them for the unique challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. A solid background in finance and business skills will help the next generation to compete and succeed.”

– Sen John Kerry, Chairman
Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Congressman George Miller | House Education and Labor Committee Chairman

Miller_BlogEntrepreneurship training provides at-risk youth an opportunity to learn how to function in the marketplace and strengthen their community’s economy. High quality entrepreneurship training can help ensure a better quality of life for the individual entrepreneur and their community as a whole.”

– George Miller | House Education and Labor Committee Chairman

Stephanie Bell- Rose | Founding President of the Goldman Sachs Foundation & Thomas W. Payzant, Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education & Former Superintendent of Boston Public Schools

oct06_features_elclist_Step-editPreparing today’s students for success and eventual leadership in the new global marketplace is the most important responsibility in education today. Providing them [youth] with guidance and opportunity at the most critical junctures along their educational journey can have a profound impact. Entrepreneurship education is an important tool in achieving these goals.”

– Stephanie Bell- Rose founding president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation & Thomas W. Payzant, Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Former Superintendent of Boston Public Schools

Ted Leonsis | Vice Chairman, AOL, LLC & Owner Washington Capitals

Ted Leonsis-  Owner of the Washington Wizards and Capitals Sports Teams

Without role models and examples of successful business people in their own communities, our youth often see the American Dream as either ‘hype’ or a pipe dream. Our young people need to know they have viable place in our market economy.”

– Ted Leonsis, Vice Chairman, AOL, LLC; Owner Washington Capitals

Ted Leonsis | Vice Chairman, AOL, LLC & Owner Washington Capitals


Entrepreneurship education inspires young people to do all the right things—understand the relevance of a good education, gain financial literacy, plan for financial independence, explore their talents, and most importantly, stay in school and develop pathways to college. All students, no matter where they are raised, deserve this chance for opportunity and growth. It has never been more important to America’s economic system than it is today for young people to be fully prepared to navigate successfully the vicissitudes of the world of work.”

– Deborah D. Hoover, President, The Burton D. Morgan Foundation, Hudson, Ohio

John Hope Bryant | Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Operation HOPE Inc. & Vice Chairman, U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy Washington, DC


I support the work of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group to place entrepreneurship education in every school in America, because we must make education relevant to our youth. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles and Compton, California, and I have seen firsthand the almost natural entrepreneurial spirits of young people there. I was one of them, starting my fi rst business at age 10. I am an entrepreneur today because of that early experience. I believe that our kids are dropping out of high school at record rates because they don’t believe that education is relevant to their futures. How to make education relevant to their futures? Show kids how to create wealth, legally. That’s financial literacy, free enterprise and capitalism, silver rights, and entrepreneurship.”

– John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Operation HOPE, Inc. &
Vice Chairman, U.S. President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy Washington, DC

Ray Leach| CEO, JumpStart Inc.


At its most basic, educating youth about entrepreneurship provides them with financial and business skills they can use in every facet of their lives. More importantly, it gives them a path to follow for turning their ideas into thriving businesses, along with the inspiration and empowerment to do so. To stimulate entrepreneurial activity and develop the business owners and civic leaders of the future, there’s no better investment than education.”

– Ray Leach, CEO, JumpStart Inc


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